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Onko tämä psykiatria tiedettä ? Onko tämä mahdollista toteuttaa ? Kirja: "Mieletön fiilinki" ??

Onpa pinnallinen ohjelma. Onko tämä oppi tiedettä ?

Kuuntele kirjan"Mieletön fiilinki" tekijää,

psykiatri Raisa Cacciatorea,  ja toimittajaa, Ylen ohjelmassa tänään 10.8.2014 (uusinta).

"Vetävien" ohjeiden sanamaalailua. Helpon tuntuisia populistisia ohjeita nuoren vaikeuksissa, jotka ohjeet auttavat .. vai auttavatko ? 



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Update Dec. 2013 : More about "medial prehension" - "Mediaali-ote" ja kynä

My pioneer approach in the article/poster you have read here, was not any experimental one. To shed light on this area, I wanted to interview some voluntary persons which contacted me and which had been using "medial prehension" - as I call it. This area is TOTALLY uninvestigated. Therefore I wanted to get some " first glance view", some clarity on this interesting situation in the pedagogical field. 
Finnish school teachers have not been interested about the ways we learn to use our most important instrument, pen or pencil. Not even teachers of drawing and painting at academies.
This item - how we use the pen - is of uttermost importance.  With this grasp, this grip we decide how our brain, our thinking, our creativity develops.
Best regards,
Dr. Antti S Hernesniemi Turku Finland

The author has used "medial prehension" drawing and writing method since 1995 when he found it - not as the first inventor, as he  soon could notice. He has earlier presented the grip …