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LT, FM Antti Hernesniemen kansanlääkintäaineisto on pian avoinna tutkimukselle SKS:ssä

"Fascial manipulation" of spine areas was invented in Finland already before the II World War !


About certain manipulative therapies to treat peoples' ailments

1 About "Fascial manipulation" - "The Stecco method"

I participated in a seminar arranged by The Society for Musicians' Medicine in Finland on 13th October in Tampere, Finland. The seminar was well organized and consisted mostly of well prepared lectures about relevant topics. There was a lecture about the role of fascial manipulation in the treatment of certain ailments by musicians.  The topic was a proper one. The lecturer was not however focused enough on the scientific essence of the item.  

I have studies profoundly the treatment methods of Finnish "bonesetters", they are indigenous folk healers - manual therapists. My objects were living and working in Middle and Southern Ostrobothnia. It seems now that these bonesetters (they are called locally e.g. jäsenkorjaaja, nikamakäsittelijä, huuslaakari, luutohtori, jäsenmestari, tilottaja etc. in Finnish; bendoktor, klövryckare